Recollections of The Haven

The Haven is one of the forested gullies that run through the Castlecrag peninsula and into Sydney’s Middle Harbour. Tucked away below a 30-metre-long sandstone block wall and surrounded by houses, it is a generous natural space that has been home to community gatherings, entertainment and events since the renowned architect Marion Mahoney Griffin first used it to stage theatrical performances in the bush in the early 1930s.

Since the 1970’s, generations of young performers have achieved local and international success as performing arts professionals after starting their theatrical lives on the stage at the Haven;

Christmas Carols celebrated each year under the Haven’s famous tree ferns has been a long-standing community ritual bringing together families, neighbours and their friends from all traditions and cultures to forge bonds that celebrate common values; the natural space has also provided a Haven for quiet contemplation and the enjoyment of its sylvan setting. It has been and continues to be many things for many people.

These three short videos record aspects of what the Haven means to people who have been involved with it over many years. From Annette who remembered her childhood performance and the smell of carbide lamps lighting Marion Mahoney Griffin’s productions to those who collaborated on the construction of the stage and the production of 100’s of shows from the 1970s onwards these personal memories illustrate the impact that the Haven Amphitheatre had on generations of our people.

A special placeĀ

Magical and Memorable Moments

First Encounters

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Thank you to Kay Donovan for these video productions.

With support from Willoughby Council.