A Shared Cultural Heritage in Castlecrag

The community of Castlecrag and The Haven Amphitheatre team has produced many events in this treasured space for the past thirty nine years

1976                Salome – Oscar Wilde

1981                Appointment of 530A committee by W.M.C to manage The Haven Amphitheatre

1982    Mar      Back to the Bush Concert

1982    Dec     Carols

1983    Jan      Magic Pudding Band

1983    Dec     Carols

1984    Aug      Death Defying Theatre

1985    Feb      Banksia Dreams

1986    Dec     Carols

1987    Dec     Navity play + C0lumbine Sydney North Training Orchestra

1988    Sep-Nov  Haven Spring Festival-4 w/ends of performances:

24 – 25 Urban Myths

22 & 23 Oct     Soundjata –An African Story

Nov     Uncovering The Voice

Nov     Midsummer Night’s Dream Excerpts

Nov     HMAS Pinafore

Dec     Carols

1989    Oct      Yeoman of The Guard

Sundays am    Meditation group

Weekly till 1996           Sunday morning Yoga                                    Weekly till 1996

1990    Dec     Carols

1991    Jan      Dancin’ at the Haven

Mar      Poetry By Candlelight

June    Afternoon Light A concert by the Willoughby Wind Quintet

Sep      Find Me – Play            Rep Theatre Co Of Ensemble Graduates

Oct      Jazz in The Afternoon Light    Sue Cruikshank + Willoughby Big Band

Nov     Antony & Cleopatra

Dec     Carols

1992    March SBS Youth Orchestra

April     Muses At The Haven  Live Poets Society 2nd Anniversary Celebration (Sydney Chapter) plus Blues Point Acapella Choir

Sep      Family Prom Concert SBS Youth Orchestra Mathew Krel

Dec     Carols

1993    Nov     Marion’s Gift   Lindy Batterham (writer/director)

Dec     Handel’s Messiah        Willoughby Symphony Orchestra & Choir

Dec     Carols

1994    Nov     Under Milkwood          Haven  Playreaders

Dec     Summertime Rap       Walkabout Theatre Childrens’ performance group

Dec     Carols

1995    Sept     Musical MisbeHAVEN            Elizabeth Connell (Aust Opera)with Willoughby Symphony Choir

Dec     Carols

1996    Dec     Tai-Chi Classes           John Fryer

Dec     Carols

1997    Dec     Carols

1998    July     Morning Tea Seminar Prof James Werrick

Aug      Open Day Powerhouse Museum Exhibition  Lecture by Anna Rubbo re Griffin’s work  & broadcast of recording by Johnathon Mills

Sep      Jazz at The Haven Willoughby Big Band – MD Peter Walmsley, singer Ruth Wilson, pianist Michael Harrison

Sep      Art and Sole Co Existence by Aboriginal Celebration

Dec     Carols

1999    Dec     Carols

2000                Three Colours of the Heart     Georgina Andrews

Dec     Carols

March  fri-sat  x 2        A Midsummer night’s Dream  Bigeye Productions

2001    Jan      Secret Women’s Business Dinner      Adele Barnett, Debra Player

May     Meet the Neighbours

Sept     Stiff Gins at the Haven           Stiff Gins

Dec     Carols

2003    Mar      The Eggstraordinary Magic Muddle   Marlene Vaughn (writer/director?)

Apr      Sailors Bay Concertos BBQ Streets to Creeks message Poetry reading     Willoughby Symphony

Oct      27th Anniversary Dinner Programme  (In Alt Northbridge Women’s Bowling Club) Brass Boys in Concert

Dec     Carols

2004    Feb      Under Mulga Wood     Dylan Thomas Society

Sep      A Musical Journey in 3 Concerts       Graham Wardrop & Friends, Graham Jessie musical director

Sep      Benjamin’s Big Band in Cabaret         Benjamin’s Big Band

Sep      The Kookaburra Who Stole the Moon  Peter Winkler (composer/narrator) REM Theatre Co  + Willoughby symphony            Orchestra

Oct      Under Mulga Wood     Dylan Thomas Society

Dec     Carols

2005    Apr      Haven Banquet Cabaret         Fusion Singers

Dec     Carols

2006    Oct      James Morrison          James Morrison and his band

Dec     Carols

2007    Feb      A Midsummer Night’s Dream RAW EM Theatre Company

Apr      Contensions    Sharolyn Kimmorley Musical Director Marlene Vaughn Artistic Director

Sept     22 & 23 Sep    When Camels Could Fly Supported by Blossom’s Bush dance        Bronwyn Vaughn Lindy Batterham

Dec     A Drop of Cab Suave Patricia O’Callaghan and Graham Jessie Quartet (Alt venue)

Dec     Carols

2008    Mar      Wind in the Willows     Raw EM Theatre Company

Dec       A Christmas Carol      Epicentre Co.

Dec      Carols

2009    Mar      Cosi     Raw EM Theatre Company

Sep        Don Quixote    Epicentre Co

Dec        Carols

2010    Sep      18 19 2 & 3 Oct           Traveling the World  through stories and music: Aditi & her  Rickshaw Floating on a sea of stories Hip Hop                                                                          Duende both w/ends  writer/performer Bronwyn Vaughan

Oct      Simon at the Haven    Simon Ward

Dec     Captain Midnite           Epicentre Co

Dec     Carols

2011    Oct      Burlesque – the movie             Movies in The Haven

Nov     George Washingmachine       George Washingmachine Cabaret

Dec     Carols

2012                A very wet year production curtailed

Nov     The Bonnie J Jensen Quartet Cabaret

Dec      Movie

Dec      Carols

2013   Carols

Stage failed engineering inspection and is  closed


Dec      Carols on temporary stage


Jan    Halloween celebrated around the fenced stage

Feb     Secret Cinema